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Your wedding on the Greek islands

Population 10815197 person

Area 131957 km2

Official language Greek

Guided tour 600

Your wedding on the Greek islands The picturesque nature of the Greek islands (Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Kos and Peloponnese) as well as the proximity of cultural and religious traditions of the Greeks and the Slavs often determine the wedding choices of our tourists in favor of Greece. The mild Mediterranean climate allows us to organize a wedding on the islands at the beginning or in the end of the holiday season (whereas the weather is getting cold on the mainland of Greece). We offer the ready-made wedding packages from our partner hotels for a symbolic ceremony in the atmosphere of tenderness and romance of a unique celebration for two.

Symbolic wedding is the most popular wedding ceremony among the Russian guests. In this case, the there is no need of execution of any specific documents and the venue for ceremony depends on the capabilities of your hotel. This can be a beach, a beautiful seacoast or the desired location in the hotel complex. Stunning views of the azure sea and the happiness will not leave you for a moment and will be reminisced as impressive and never-to-be-forgotten pictures again and again for many years. The symbolic ceremony has special meaning and purpose for each person. It could become a prototype or a dress rehearsal for the traditional wedding. Or a romantic moment for the wedding couple when they repeat the oath of allegiance and the coveted “yes”.

Wedding in the church is the most traditional and solemn wedding ceremony in Greece. It is believed that a marriage made in heaven cannot be destroyed by any life troubles. Both newlyweds and already married couples can get married again in the church. Church ceremony (wedding) is held by a priest of the Orthodox Church. A wedding certificate is issued by the end of the ceremony. However, it is not a recognized document confirming the fact of marriage in Russia and is extremely symbolic.

Registration of marriage in the town council has presumes the legal force of the marriage and is recognized in Russia. Newlyweds are register personally by the mayor of the city; he also gives the first farewell speech to the couple. Local people seeing newlyweds on the street often shout good wishes and congratulate them. Registration at City Hall can also be combined with any of the services included in the wedding package – holding a symbolic ceremony, festive dinner, photos, flowers, traditional food and much more.

Rose Garden – EUR 600.
The choice of location (beach, pool)
Decorating the venue with lights, flower petals, wedding table decoration
Bouquet of roses for the bride and boutonniere for the groom
Ceremony: two witnesses and the official representative of the hotel (General Manager)
Informal marriage certificate presented by the hotel
A basket of flower petals and rice (for prosperity)
A bottle of champagne and a multi-tiered wedding cake
10 photos (13 x 18cm) by a professional photographer