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Population 60795612 person

Area 301340 km2

Official language Italian

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Italy Integral therapy of Chenot is a method of preventive health and weight loss widely known in Europe. Erbusco is located in the Lombardy region of Italy, nearby the famous Italianate lakes (Maggiore, Como, Garda) on the shores of Lake Iseo (1 hour from the airport of Milan).

Integral Therapy of Henri Chenot based on biontology (doctrine of the age-related changes and the “right” of aging) – is a method of preventive health and weight loss widely known in Europe. The aim of the treatment course in the clinic of Henri Chenot in Erbusco is to correct the effects of improper eating behavior and lifestyle on the background of the individual hereditary characteristics.

Each patient of the Clinic of Henri Chenot in Erbusco receives the questionnaire, allowing to determine the level of symptoms of diseases that violate the balance of the body. These profiles are supplemented by laboratory and bio-energy research – the basis for individual diet and fitness program. The weekly rate includes daily massages, balneotherapy and mud therapy as well as treatments using cell resonance and aesthetic care sessions using a coompany line “HENRI CHENOT”.

Integral Therapy of Henri Chenot is implemented under the supervision of a physician. The drainage and toxin-eliminating effects, deep relaxation, the stimulation of basic metabolism and the improved skin tone, ligaments and muscles are achieved during the first week of the therapy; the body gets a powerful energy boosting the fight against the attributes of aging.

The secrets of the Henri Chenot’s Diet

The heart of Chenot’s diet is not only reducing calorie meals, but also significantly decreasing the usual portions; in other words, scientific principles of compatibility of products and separate power supply. Many products are generally excluded from the diet (bread, meat, alcohol, tea and coffee; fish is served only once a week); but instead the menu offers soy, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Breakfast includes a small bowl of fruit salad, lunch – a glass of fruit and vegetable juice, a medium-sized piece of lettuce and a small main course – for example, 2 tablespoons of risotto with artichokes. Dinner begins with a miniature fruit plate, followed by a cup of vegetable soup, mashed potatoes and an exquisitely decorated small main course – for example, 5 pods of asparagus or a handful of soy spaghetti. You can have water with lemon juice, herbal tea or decaffeinated coffee in unlimited quantities. Flavor seasonings are replaced with artistic arrangement of dishes and fine service; salt and pepper are missing on the tables.

Indications for treatment in the Espace Henri Chenot:

Overweight, slagging of the body, a condition of chronic fatigue, disorders of the stomach and intestines, symptoms of early aging, the deterioration of the heart and circulatory system, pain in the joints.
Price per ROOM per day in € Double French  Double Classic Double Superior Double Deluxe
A – 01.03.14 – 01.11.14 BB 316,00 420,00 486,00 552,00
B – 02.11.14 – 27.12.14 BB 288,00 360,00 398,00 470,00
C – 28.12.14 – 18.01.15 BB 316,00 420,00 486,00 552,00

Package of Henri Chenot procedures (procedures + full board): EUR 3.250,00 for 7 days of stay.

Medical examination – EUR 180 per person (a compulsory one; assitional payment for translation services (by perforce)).
Hotel L’Albereta Relais & Chateaux 5* has a magnificent two-level SPA center of “Espace Vitalitte” with the area of ​​1400 m2 which includes a large indoor pool with 5 hydromassage zones, sauna, Turkish bath, Kneipp’s hydrotherapeutic bath, Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy room, fitness room overlooking the park, recreation area, tea room, beauty salon and treatment rooms.

Center specializes in health programs based on a unique method of Henri Chenot and combines modern scientific research with the millennial tradition of Chinese medicine. The method consists of several steps, including individual fitness programs, diets and procedures with natural cosmetics by Henri Chenot.