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Rogaška Slatina

Population 2061085 person

Area 20273 km2

Official language Slovenian

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Rogaška Slatina Rogaška Slatina is a historic resort destination in the east of Slovenia, near the border with Croatia. It is located in one of the most picturesque places, surrounded by low mountains covered with vineyards (Boccia, Donaška and Plešivec). According to the legend, the god Apollo ordered the winged horse Pegasus to beat its hoof of the ground and to drink out of newly originated spring. So originated first source in Rogaška – Roitschocrene which has become "a source of health and real divine power".

chronic diseases of the liver, gallbladder, bile duct;
chronic disease of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum;
chronic disease of the abdominal salivary gland;
diseases of the small and large intestine;
postoperative rehabilitation of the gastrointestinal tract;
diseases of the digestive system;
increasing fat levels in blood;
increased uric acid in the blood;
anorexia neurosis;
various types of porphyries;
psychosomatic diseases in the narrow sense;
rehabilitation of degenerative rheumatic diseases;
post-traumatic rehabilitation.

oncological diseases
diseases in the stage of “acute” inflammation
complicated pregnancy

drinking mineral water;
hydrotherapy (hydro massage, galvanic bath of Stanger, cell bath, pearl, flavored and herbal baths);
kinesiotherapy (individual gymnastics, “stretching” gymnastics);
magnetic therapy;
massage (full, partial, shiatsu, traditional Thai massage, reflexology foot massage)
inhalation (with mineral water or herbal)

partial or total colonoscopy with ileoskopy
the possibility of polypectomy and biopoipsy, sklerozation of bleeding

ergometry and telemetry
spirometry of Holter
Doppler sonometry

esophagus, stomach, duodenum
small intestine
spine, skeleton

abdomen (liver, gall bladder, abdominal salivary gland, spleen, kidney, bladder, prostate, uterus, ovaries)
spinal canal
inspection by transrectal probe
inspection by transvaginal probe
partial Doppler examination of blood vessels.

The package of laboratory tests in the medical center of Rogaška

The doctors of Medical Center “Rogaska” have chosen the basic package of laboratory tests that will help them to understand your state of health, avoid potential problems and prescribe appropriate treatment.

The survey includes a blood test, reviews of precipitations, urine, blood glucose, creatinine, urea, cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, bilirubin, protein, albumin, AST, ALT, gamma-GT, AF, amylase, lipase, iron, TSH, PSA, K, Na, Cl, Mg, Ca, P, urate and of stool for occult blood.

You can add to this package any other tests for an additional fee or choose a tour without the usual tests and take the examinations you are interested in individually.

Treatment programs at the medical center of Rogaška

Medical center of Rogaška is located near the hotel “Donat” and is associated with warm passage with several resort hotels (Grand Hotel Donat 4 *, Grand Hotel Sava 4 *, Grand Hotel Rogaška 4 *, Zagreb 4*).

Magnesium treatment course in the medical center of Rogaška

Magnesium program is a course of treatment with curative mineral water “Donat Mg” which helps in the treatment of some diseases of the digestive organs (liver, gallbladder, pancreas) as well as the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Magnesium program is beneficial for its effect on blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.
Course includes the intake of “Donat Mg” in combination with the prescribed therapy – a sure-fire choice for the treatment of constipations, obesity, increased gastric acid secretion and heartburn. Since the intake of water “Donat Mg” positively affects on the body in stress, mental and physical strain when the need for magnesium in the organism increases; thus, magnesium program will perfectly complement the anti-stress program.
Magnesium treatment includes a medical examination by balneologist, individually designed course of a mineral water “Donat Mg” as well as therapy recommended by your doctor.

7-day program includes:
• Examination by balneologist);
• Measurement of body composition on the device InBody;
• The course of treatment by mineral water “Donat Mg”, 3 times a day;
• Mineral bath (3 procedures);
• Medical manual massage (3 procedures for 30 minutes each);
• Fango wraps (3 procedures – each into 3 areas);

14-day program includes:
• Examination by balneologist + visual inspection;
• Measurement of body composition on the device InBody;
• The course of treatment by mineral water “Donat Mg”, 3 times a day;
• Mineral bath (6 sessions);
• Medical manual massage (6 sessions of 30 minutes);
• Fango-packs (6 procedures each into 3 areas);

The treatment of diabetes in Rogaška
This medical course is designed to improve blood circulation and eliminate the associated symptoms (cold feet, cramps or pain when walking, goosebumps) and is recommended for diabetics suffering from circulatory disorders.

The program includes:
• Examination at a specialist (balneologist);
• Drinking treatment with healing mineral water Donat Mg;
• Mineral bath (3 procedures);
• Aroma reflexive foot massage (3 procedures for 30 min.)
• Dry carbonic bath (3 procedures for 60 min.);
• Individual exercise (3 procedures of 30 minutes)
• 1 water bed «Soft pack» with massage.

Weight loss program – Basic
The medical center Rogaška offers a modern comprehensive weight loss program that is carried out under medical supervision with the sage of procedures and devices that are medically proven and tested in practice

Basic program includes:
• The first medical examination by balneologist;
• Bioimpedance analysis – body composition measurement;
• ECG, laboratory tests (blood count, blood sugar, lipid profile, TSH);
• Control medical examination of balneologist;
• Consultation with a nutritionist, offering a written weight loss diet;
• Daily kinesiology training with a personal trainer;
• 1 spa procedure per day individually chosen on the advice of a doctor;
• drinking ealing mineral water Donat Mg, 3 times a day.

The effectiveness of the program is due to:
• Medical examination – based on individual development programs;
• Therapeutic mineral water Donat Mg is one of the keys to success;
• A healthy combination of nutrition without hunger and recommendations related to dietary habits;
• Physical activity – kinesiology exercises with introductory and final testing, tips for practicing at home;
• Balneotherapy with significant therapeutic effects – to overcome the fatigue and the accumulation of forces to ease the tension;
• Control program designed for each person.
Drinking treatment
Course of intake of mineral water Donat Mg
Disposable drink                                   2,00 €
Up to 3 days                                                 12,00 €
Up to 5 days                                                 16,00 €
Up to 7 days                                                 24,00 €
Up to 10 days                                             31,00 €
Up to 14 days                                              38,00 €
Up to 30 days                                               45,00 €

Buvet is open:
– from Monday to Saturday: 7:00 am – 1:00 pm и 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
– on Sundays and holidays: 7:00 am – 1:00 pm и 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Mineral bath                                                                                     28,00 €
Herbal bath                                                                                           28,00 €
Pearly massage bath with herbal supplements     29,00 €
Cleopatra’s bath                                                                                         27,00 €
Bath to open the respiratory tract                                                    28,00 €
Underwater massage                                                                                      30,00 €

Medical examinations
Specialized examination by a physiotherapist          63,00 €
Controlled specialized inspection                   40,00 €

Manual therapy
Bowen therapy                                                  20 min     32,00 €
Bowen therapy                                                  50 min     56,00 €
Manual analgesic therapy               20 min     40,00 €
Manual analgestic therapy               50 min     64,00 €
Dr. Vodder’s lymphatic drainage                                 20 min     24,00 €
Dr. Vodder’s lymphatic drainage 30 min     37,00 €
Dr. Vodder’s lymphatic drainage                                 40 min     46,00 €
Dr. Vodder’s lymphatic drainage                                 50 min     48,00 €
(Dr. Vodder’s lymphatic drainage is carried out by physiotherapist after injuries, surgeries and oncological diseases.

Pain therapy (DD, IFT, TENS), electrostimulation 16,00 €
Combination therapy using ultrasound and interference 19,00 €

Laser therapy 23,00 €
Light therapy / bioptrone 22,00 €

Magnetotherapy 22,00 €

RF analgesic therapy 25,00 €
Cooling / hilotherapy 15,00 €

Mechanical treatment
Hyperbaric Therapy 35,00 €
Pressotherapy 35,00 €
Ultrasound therapy 18,00 €
Dry carbonate bath 45,00 €
Neuromuscular tape 15,00 €

Short and focused ChekUp examinations:
Check – up includes:
Cost of the program: 530,00 €
– Specialized examination by a gastroenterologist
– Laboratory tests
– Ultrasound of the abdomen
– Gastroscopy
– Test for Helicobacter Pylori
– Colonoscopy


Is your heart healthy?
Cardiology clinic will take care of the health of the heart. Since the heart is the motor of the human body, it deserves more attention. In the clinic, we perform specialized cardiological examination and study of the heart that allows us to evaluate the work of the heart, to diagnose the disease and recommend the appropriate treatment.
Check – up includes:
Cost of the program: 350,00 €
– Specialized examination by a cardiologist
– Laboratory tests
– spirometry
– cycloergometry
– Ultrasound of the heart

Do you have gynecological problems, and you want a complete examination?
Gynecologists of Medical Center of Rogaška will carefully discuss with you the problems you are facing with, will listen to your needs and desires, and then will carefully examine you. Afterwards, on the basis of all the information received the doctor will recommend the most appropriate way to solve your problems. If you wish, on the basis of further hormonal studies the doctor will advise you individual hormonal therapy.
Check – up includes:
Cost of the program: 220,00 €
– Specialized examination by a gynecologist
– Taking the smear (PA)
– Transvaginal ultrasound
– Mammary glands ultrasound