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Population 8211700 person

Area 41285 km2

Official language German, French, Italian, Romansh

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Switzerland «De la Prairie» clinic is located in one of the most beautiful corners of Switzerland - in the resort of Montreux, directly on the shores of Lake Geneva. Clinic La Prairie is considered as one of the most famous in the world. New methods of treating living cells derived from fetal sheep liver (later technique was named revitalization), started here in 1931 by Dr. Paul Niehans brought fame to the clinic.

Initially, the technique was developed for the treatment of clients with serious diseases of internal organs. For almost 80 years the revitalization has been studied and perfected by a team of immunologists and experts in the field of anti-aging medicine. Clinic La Prairie continues to be the exclusive distributor of this technique and CLP preparation. It is proved that the drug enhances the human immune system and slows down the aging process.

The Max Planck Institute of Immunology (Germany), the German Cancer Research Center, Department of Immunology of the University of Toronto (Canada) and Institute of Experimental Biology and Medicine (Germany) are providing the scientific base of the clinic.

The clinic employs 20 doctors and 60 consultants. Thus the patient is able to receive the expert advice in more than 25 different areas of medicine. Dental branch, menopause clinic and center of aesthetic medicine are key areas of the clinic, but nonetheless La Prairie covers almost all areas of modern medicine.

Also, the clinic employs a staff of experienced surgeons and anesthesiologists, and the most modern equipment for the operations of any complexity. The integrated approach is a combination of high quality medical treatment with aesthetic treatments, spa treatments and diet programs.

Indications for treatment with CLP extract at the Cell Therapy Clinic:
• andropause and related hormonal impotence,
• impairment of memory and ability to concentrate,
• lethargy and loss of appetite, decreased performance, insomnia, migraine
• menopause and related diseases such as osteoporosis,
• recurrent infections, poor wound healing,
• degenerative age-related diseases (arthritis, pain and reduced motor abilities)
• respiratory allergies.

Today, the effectiveness of the CLP extract preventing and slowing the aging is proved in laboratory experiments and clinical studies. The drug causes regeneration, revitalization of healthy but aging cells, and has a positive effect on hormonal and general metabolism. At the same time, it inhibits the growth of abnormal cells.

Extract removes general fatigue and insomnia, improves memory, relieves headaches and allergies.

Credo of Clinic La Prairie is the protection and improvement of life.

After a complete examination conducted with the help of modern equipment, you can offered a 7-day program of revitalization with injections of the CLP extract, weight loss techniques, stress management, a course of aesthetic and sports medicine and be advised to refer to high quality plastic surgeons.

The La Prairie clinic created an excellent infrastructure: there are a surgery unit, pool, sauna, Turkish bath, solarium and fitness center equipped with computers. You will find a competent and qualified staff everywhere.

The program is designed for each patient individually.

French chef and his colleagues, along with a dietitian are designing menu and preparing foods low in calories. Dishes worth of kings will decorate your table every day.

The abode at La Prairie can be compared to a carefree life of secular nobles, bathing in luxury, comfort and pleasure. Here you will not only improve your health, but also relieve excess weight and extra years.

The “Revitalization” (the most famous and popular program Kliniki)
Starting from CHF 25,530.
The program (6 nights): from Sunday to Saturday, check-in on Sunday from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

The “Medical Examination” program
Starting from CHF 16,620.
The program offers a full report on the state of health or the alternative, more precise diagnosis. For reliable prevention regular examinations are optimal from 35 years. They allow timely identify possible health problems and successfully treat them in time.
Program (5 nights): from Sunday to Friday, check-in on Sunday from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

The “Woman Beauty” and “Man Beauty” programs
Starting from CHF 15,260
Clinic La Prairie spa – a haven of peace, where our patients will be offered the whole range of our special treatments.
The “Medical weight management and wellness” program
Starting from CHF 32,950.
The exclusive concept of this program is a multilateral approach involving nutritionist, dietician, a personal fitness trainer, psychologist, massage therapist and beautician. The program is indicated to any adult suffering from overweight.
The program (13 nights) from Sunday to Saturday, check-in on Sunday from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

The “Rebalancing” program
When fatigue becomes a threat, stress lurks at every step stress and insomnia becomes too frequent, it is better not to wait until the symptoms will take the dangerous nature. It is better to make a pause and take advantage of the “Rebalancing” program to restore the harmony of the energy balance of body and spirit. This program equips a human with real means of dealing with stress and strain of everyday life; eventually, the person leaves the clinic with restored strength and full of energy.
– Starting from CHF 17,320.

• CLP- therapy;
• CLP – revitalization;
• Cosmetic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery;
• Maxillofacial surgery;
• Dentistry;
• General surgery;
• Orthopedic surgery;
• Center of menopause and andropause;
• Aesthetic medicine;
• Andrology;
• Angiology;
• Cardiac surgery;
• Gastroenterology;
• Gynecology;
• Urology;
• Neurology;
• Dermatology;
• Endocrinology and diabetology;
• Otorhinolaryngology;
• Ophthalmology;
• Pneumology;
• Psychiatry;
• Rheumatology.
• Sports medicine and fitness center;
• Physiotherapy.