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“Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan”

Population 9611700 person

Area 86600 km2

Official language Azerbaijan

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“Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan” Day 1. Baku. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Excursion. "Sights of ancient and modern Baku". Excursion. "Old City (Icherisheher)"

Day 2. Baku. Absheron peninsula. Excursion “The temple of fire worshippers”. Gala ethnographic museum

Day 3. Baku. Gobustan

Day 4. Baku.

TV Tower
Old City (Icherisheher)
Gala Archeological and Ethnographic Museum
Temple o Fire (Ateshgah) is an ancient religious building, erected on the site of natural gas output. The Temple was rebuilt in the XVIII century. Former cells, where pilgrims from all over the world were residing centuries ago, now host a museum containing lots of unique and original exhibits.
Yanardag mountain is located In a small village called Mahammadi on Absheron peninsula (Baku). The word "Yanar" in Azeri language means "burning" while and "Dag" means "mountain". And this mountain is really burning - not metaphorically, but literally! And this is another reason why Azerbaijan is called as the “Land of Fire”. When you look at this natural wonder from afar, it appears that a huge treasure trove is buried under the mountain whose luminosity is radiated out from it! Many legends surround this mountain.

Day 1. Baku

Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel

Excursion. “Sights of ancient and modern Baku”

Panorama of Baku from the height of the mountainous part of the city and at the TV Tower gives a clear picture regarding the scale and contrasts of Baku. The city has a shape of an amphitheater descending down to the Caspian Sea. The excursion covers the central part (downtown) of the city demonstrating the most interesting historical and architectural sites.

Excursion. “Old City (Icherisheher)”

The territory of the Inner City (Icherisheher) is merely 22 hectares, which is just a small fraction of the total area of Baku (44,000 ha). However, the saturation with architectural and historical monuments dictates the need of having a special hike to this part of the city and makes this part of Baku, perhaps the most interesting one to explore. Maiden Tower (XII century), the Palace of the Shirvanshahs (XV century), Synykh Gala castle, Caravanserai and Juma Mosque are among the must-see places and this is not a complete list of showplaces of the old Baku.

Day 2. Baku. Absheron peninsula

Excursion “The temple of fire worshippers”

The part of Azerbaijan located on the Absheron peninsula is generally called Absheron. This part of Azerbaijan distinguishes itself with hot summers and mild winters and is surrounded on 3 sides by sea – in other words, it is best suited for the lovers of seaside resorts. Developed infrastructure in the region  (extensive network of roads, numerous hotels and recreation areas of different categories, sandy beaches, international airports) makes it the best from the point of recreation, recuperation and receiving foreign guests.

A large number of unique historical monuments, including the numerous temples, castles, fortresses and watchtowers of the Middle Ages cause large  interest among both tourists and local Azeris. Among these monuments, we can point the fire-worshipers temple in the village of Surakhani. Temple o Fire (Ateshgah) is an ancient religious building, erected on the site of natural gas output. The Temple was rebuilt in the XVIII century. Former cells, where pilgrims from all over the world were residing centuries ago, now host a museum containing lots of unique and original exhibits. This temple is an integral part of the Zoroastrian temple chronicles which symbolizes the cult of the Eternal Flame.

Gala ethnographic museum

Gala village is located in about 40 minutes drive from Baku. Few people were acquainted with it afore; but in recent years the popularity of this small village has become extraordinarily huge.

The reason for that is quite simple – someone came up with a great idea to turn the archaeological site into an open-air museum. Visiting the museum, you feel caught in the old days. The historic monuments prove that these places once were ancient settlements of people.

“Bayramali hamam” was known in ancient times as the “Bay hamam”. Being related to  the XII-XIV centuries, this hamam was renovated in 1881 by person named Bayramali. “Gum hamam” (“Sand bath”), located on a hill, has been neglected for quite a long period of time but eventually was discovered during archaeological excavations. “Gum hamam” (“Sand bath”; XII-XIV centuries) was named in this way because of being located under the ground. Another place of particular interest is the “Shor hamam” (“Salty bath”).

The trip is followed by an excursion to the burning mountain “Yanardag”, situated near the village of Mohammady. For more than 2000 years, pilgrims, travelers and researchers from all over the world visit this natural wonder.

Day 3. Baku. Gobustan

Not far from Baku, in Gobustan, there is a museum on the site of ancient people’s settlement.  The rock carvings dating back to about 10,000 years have survived there. Plots of these figures are authentic evidences proving that people and wild extinct animals once lived here. Another interesting fact about Gobustan is that a hoary Roman legion has erstwhile stayed there. The roots of the inscription affirming this circumstance date back up to I century AD.

Day 4. Baku

Breakfast at the hotel

Transfer to the airport

End of the tour

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The map and routes

Days Location Distance, km/ml Duration, +/- traffic
Day 1 Baku — / —
Day 2 Baku and Absheron 70 / 43 50 minutes
Day 3 Baku – Gobustan 60 / 38 40 minutes
Day 4 Baku – transfer to the airport 30 / 19 5 hours