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Sightseeing tour of Egypt

Population 89127000 person

Area 1010407 km2

Official language Arabic

Guided tour 500

Sightseeing tour of Egypt Cairo, the Egyptian capital, was founded in 969. The city is located to north of the legendary Memphis, the first capital of the ancient Egyptian state.

Cairo, the Egyptian capital, was founded in 969. The city is located to north of the legendary Memphis, the first capital of the ancient Egyptian state.

Cairo is the largest city of the African continent the borders of which are close to the Great Pyramids of Giza – the only one of the Seven Wonders of the World survived to the present day. The mysterious Sphinx and the baffling pyramids keeping the spirit of eternity became a symbol of Egypt and the touristic Mecca. Cairo Museum is a major “treasure trove” of Egyptian antiquities. The unique exhibits placed there are more than two thousand years old. During the tour you will visit:

Egyptian pyramids. The Egyptian pyramids consist of more than hundreds of monuments and not all of them are yet discovered. There are large and small, stepped and smooth, well-preserved and ruined ones among them. The excursion to the pyramids will let you see the largest of them – the Pyramid of Cheops which still remains as the largest building in the world.

Luxor is the largest temple complex in Egypt. Modern Luxor is located on the site of the ancient city of Thebes which was the center of ancient Egyptian culture. Thebes were called as a “City of Hundred Gates”. So great was the metropolis whose history goes back to thousands of years. Thebes were first mentioned in old chronicles of the III millennium BC. In the XXI century BC, during the reign of the Middle Kingdom, Thebes became the capital of Egypt.

Moses’ Mount or just Sinai is a mountain on the Sinai Peninsula known for the fact that Moses received ten sacred commandments scratched on two stone tables from the Almighty after 40 days of fasting being exactly on this mountain. Excursion to Moses’ Mount is a very interesting and informative tour. You should follow the next recommendations during the tour:

First of all, no matter how many years you may be, be confident in your abilities: to climb the mountain (which lasts a couple of hours) is possible for everyone. It is only left to put on very convenient shoes and properly dress. Sports shoes, warm outerwear in a backpack in the off-season, thick woolen sweater or windbreaker in the summer as is always colder and windier on the top of the mount than on the foothills.

The climb is divided into sections and halts to rest between them. Do not take too fast pace at once, keep your power to the top. Relax as much as you need (not for a minute!). Do not be afraid to lag behind the theirs – there are hundreds of pilgrims climbing the mountain every night. You will see a string of lanterns down on the path below you. Nothing will happen if you climb up with the Italians or the Germans from the other group. After all, your group will meet you on the top. You can also rent a camel from the Bedouins. Drink fresh water and breathe evenly. Encourage children and especially the elderly – and you will climb the mountain even before the dawn! Remember that the last climbing section is the steepest to climb. So, keep strength for it.

The cost of the program starts from AZN 500 per person (excluding airfare).