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Population 17498145 person

Area 2724902 km2

Official language Kazakh, Russian

Guided tour 1530

Kazakhstan Sightseeing tour with a visit to the two capitals of Kazakhstan and recreation at the Borovoe lake. You will get acquainted with the main sights of Kazakhstan and enjoy the unique nature of this country.


Day 1

Moscow – Almaty
5:30 am – arrival in Almaty (flight KS876 via Air Astana).
Transfer and accommodation at the hotel.
Breakfast at the hotel (at surcharge)
12:00 at noon – City Tour: a visit to the 28 Guardsmen’s (Panfilovs) Park, the Cathedral, Museum of Musical Instruments, National Museum of Kazakhstan and Republic Square.
A visit to Medeo after lunch (the largest mountainous sports complex in the world).
Leisure time.

Day 2 Almaty – Astana

Breakfast at the hotel.
A visit to the Big Almaty Lake. The lake was formed 8,000 years ago and is 1.5 km long and 35 m deep. The lake is surrounded by majestic peaks and vertexes.
Lunch on the lake (lunch-boxes).
7:10 pm – departure to Astana (by air).
8:55 pm – arrival in Astana. Transfer to the hotel.
Hotel accommodation.

Day 3 Astana – Borovoe

Breakfast at the hotel.
City tour: visit to the 80-meter tower of Baiterek (the symbol of Kazakhstan), Duman entertainment complex with the oceanarium, the Presidential Museum, the Orthodox church, Astana Mosque, the ethno-memorial complex Atameken – a kind of open-air museum.
Leisure time.
Moving to Borovoe (280 km)
Arrival in Borovoe.
Accommodation at the sanatorium.

Days 4-5 Borovoe

Breakfast at the hotel.
Walk through the beautiful surroundings of Lake Borovoye.
Sinegorye (Blue Mountains) makes one forget all the vanity and to plunge into the world of fairy-tales filled with mysterious flavor of folk tales and legends. Ancient silent mountains standing in the way of all-destroying time as if impassable wall. Time has no power here, in the coniferous lake oasis in the middle of the Kazakh steppe. Purple haze over the Sinegorye, quiet splashes of water on the stone beach, the sound of old pine trees – being here for the first time, you will believe that the Lord has blessed the union of stone, water, forest and sky and has stopped the time here… And if there is an echo of lost paradise on the Earth, then this Eden is called Borovoye!

Day 6 Borovoye – Astana

Breakfast at the hotel.
Leisure time.
5:00 pm – transfer to the airport of Astana.
8:40 pm – departure to Moscow (flight KS 873 via Air Astana).
10:20 pm — arrival in Moscow.

The cost of the program is AZN 1530 per person excluding the airfare.