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Seven cities of ancient Hellas

Population 10815197 person

Area 131957 km2

Official language greece

Guided tour 600


Day 1

Arrival in Athens. Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel located in the central part of the city. Hotel accommodation.

Day 2

A sightseeing tour of Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world. The Presidential Palace and the guards of the National Household Troops dressed in a traditional toggery, Olympic Stadium of white marble, Temple of Zeus, the buildings of Athens University, Academia and National Library. Rounding out the tour visiting the Greek pearl, ancient Acropolis and its magnificent temples.

Day 3

Moving to Delphi. Tour of Delphi located on the slopes of renowned Parnassus. Tourists can explore the ruins of the sanctuary where the mysterious Oracle predicted fates on behalf of Apollo, see the “navel of the World”, the stadium, Castalian Spring (anti-aging rill, according to the legend ), Archaeological Museum. Transfer to Kalambaka. Hotel accommodation.

Day 4

Tour of Meteora. Ancient monasteries built on top of steep, inaccessible cliffs and towering like a majestic monuments of nature on a vast abundant valley. Visiting two monasteries. Moving in Loutraki, accommodation at the hotel.

Day 5

Departure from the hotel. Tour of Olympia, the home of the first Olympic Games. Getting to the temple of Zeus, the goddess Hera, the sacred Olympic Stadium and the venue of Olympic flame’s lighting. On the way back a halt in the city of Patras, the third largest city of Greece. Visit the Cathedral of St. Andrew. Return to Loutraki.

Day 6

Moving to the Peloponnese peninsula. First halt at the Corinth Canal, a grand construction of the late XIX century connecting the Aegean and the Ionian Seas. A visit to Epidaurus. In ancient times, there was built a hospital of Aesculapius, god of healing and cure. It was a place of pilgrimage for many sufferers and injured persons seeking healing. Thereby, other remarkable buildings were erected in the city – the Temple of Artemis, Temple of Asclepius, the stadium and the ancient theater famous for its excellent acoustics. A visit to the Archaeological Museum.

Departure to ancient Mycenae. On the way to Mycenae you will have an opportunity to explore the city of Nafplio – the first capital of independent Greece – located at the foot of the mountain ridges the tops of which are crowned by the mighty walls of the medieval fortress of Palamidi. Return to Loutraki after touring the archaeological sites of Mycenae and a short rest.

Day 7

A cruise on the three islands of the Saronic Gulf (Aegina, Hydra, Poros) with dinner and music program (for surcharge, EUR 95).

Day 8

Departure from Athens OR moving to another hotel.

The cost of the program starts from AZN 600 per person.

The price includes:

* Accommodation and meals (in accordance with the itinerary)

* Services of a licensed Russian-speaking guide

* All the transfers (in accordance with the program)

* Medical insurance

The price does not include:

* Entrance tickets to the museums and archeological sites (for children under 18 years the entrance is free). The total cost of tickets for the selected route is EUR 50 (to date)

* Airfare

* Visa fees