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Nepal – the kingdom of a dream that came true

Population 30430267 person

Area 140800 km2

Official language Nepali

Guided tour 2000

Nepal – the kingdom of a dream that came true Nepal ... A diverse country from the standpoint of geography, culture and religion. Mountain ranges in the north include eight of the ten highest peaks in the world (including the highest one, Mount Everest). Although the majority of the population professes Hinduism, the nation also has a strong Buddhist tradition as Nepal is the homeland of Siddhartha Gautama (better known as the Buddha).

Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of biological diversity due to its unique geographical location. At a distance of 150 kilometers the altitude ranges from 60 to 8848 m (Mount Everest), resulting in climate variation. There are many nature reserves, national parks and an incredible array of ecosystems (the highest mountain range on Earth, tropical jungles, mountain rivers, wooded hills and snow-covered valleys) in Nepal.

Kathmandu is situated in a valley full of historic temples, shrines and pagodas. It’s noisy, crowded city with hotels, bars and restaurants to suit every budget.

Apart from Kathmandu, no less attractive towns are Pokhara and Nagarkot well-known throughout the world for spectacular sunrises and sunsets; and the city of Bharatpur medieval churches of which are evoking a sense of delight.

The tour program:

Tour of Kathmandu, a visit to Swayambhunath Stupa, one of the oldest Buddhist stupas located on the Monkey Mount.
An excursion to the Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Copan located 7 km afar off the city on a hill with stunning views of the vale.
An afternoon visit to Pashupatinath, the temple of the god Shiva, an analogue of the famous Indian Varanasi situated on the banks of the holy Bagmati river.

A full-day excursion of Bungamati and Khokane.

Bungmati is a small village located in 10 km afar off the center of Kathmandu and 4 km away off the Tibetan refugee camps. Bungmati is a descendant of two ancient towns of Bungmati and Khokany. These two settlements situated in the Kathmandu Valley are least affected by modern changes. Bungmati is narrow streets, balconies and windows decorated with famous Newari carvings, a large pond, small temples, stupas and the central square with ​​the palace.

A visit to Patan located in 5 km to south of Kathmandu, on the south side of the river Bagmati. Patan is one of the centers of Buddhist and Hindu cultures. The city is full of monuments of religious art, churches and monasteries.

Nagarkot located on the way to Bhaktapur (another destination of the tour) is widely known for its exquisite art, fascinating culture and way of life that has changed really a little over the centuries. Nagarkot is situated in 32 kilometers to east of Kathmandu valley at an altitude of 2175 m. The best thing to do here is to enjoy the picturesque view of mountains early in the morning (because it is more likely to see them clearly particularly in this part of the day). Nagarkot is one of the best places in Nepal to explore the mountains. On a clear day you can even see Mount Everest!

A trip to the Temple Kurintar (about 3 hours). A visit to the temple of Manakamana (on the lift). Monakamana wish fulfillment after visiting the temple.

Bandipur, a picturesque town nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal

Pokhara – World Peace Stupa (Shanti Stupa), Mahendra caves, the International Museum of Alpinism, Devi Falls, Mahendra Cave, Phewa Lake.

Excursion to Sarankot to meet the dawn over the Himalayas when the rays of the rising sun gradually begin to flash the snowy peaks of the vertices.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama better known as Gautama Buddha. This is one of the most important pilgrimage sites and is located on the southern part of Terai flatland . A visit to the Temple of Buddha’s mother – Maya Devi, the sacred garden stretching on 8 km2 km and a sacred pond of Pushkarni in which Maya Devi bathed before the birth of the Buddha. A visit to the Cranes’ Reserve.

The cost of the program starts from AZN 2000 per person.